Q: How far in advance should we book you? 

A: It is usually recommended that you book your photographer right after you book your venue to ensure availability. That being said if I'm available and you call me a few weeks before I'd be happy and willing to shoot for you!

Q: I don't know much about photography. What's the best way to book a photographer?

A: Pick someone who resonates with you! The first question I would ask is do I like their work? From there I would troll through as many images as they have available. Photographers will have a portfolio as well as a blog or facebook page where they post full weddings. Look through different weddings and see if you love their work and also that they are consistent!

Also, it's important to think about your venue. If you love their outdoorsy photos but you are getting married in a restaurant the style will be different. Just something to keep in mind!

Finally, call them and go have coffee! or tea or a bagel. Whatever you want. Just make sure you get along with your photographer and you trust them to work with you on your wedding day. They could have an amazing style but if you don't think they understand your vision or don't make you feel awesome, they may not be right for you. 



Q: Should we do an engagement shoot?

A: This is entirely up to you! Some couples love the idea of documenting their engagement with a photoshoot. Others aren't sure about the idea and think that it might not be for them. My suggestion would be to talk to your partner about it and find out what you both like. If you're worried it will be cheesy (which has been a concern with some of my clients) tell your photographer and they should be able to ease your fears by letting you know that cheese is totally not their style and they will do their best to make it fun and candid and artistic. 

Lastly, an engagement shoot is something to consider if you've never been photographed and want to get a feel for how the photography on the day of will go. It will also give you a preview of you in your photographers photos so there are no surprises and you know what you are getting. 


Q: How many images do we get?

A: This is a big one as some people need to quantify what their expectations are. What I normally tell my clients is you will receive images to tell the story of the day in a cohesive and stylistic way. I will make sure each section of the day is fully documented and select the best.

If you are reading this and saying to yourself: she didn't answer the question! I'll give you some numbers. What I normally produce per wedding is between 300-400 fully edited images. Feel free to ask about my editing process at your consultation.