University of Toronto

Now that this project is making the rounds at U of T. I can make an announcement to the blogosphere. I directed and produced a thank you video for University of Toronto's University College. What a satisfying project this was. We spent a whole summer compiling documentary as well as staged live action footage together to recreate a student's experience at University College. From what I hear the video was a success and really resonated with Alumna. Even a few tears were shed. Have a look at this exciting video!

I worked with some inspiring creatives on this project: My dear friend Math Rosen composed an original score and I partnered up with FV Commercial Media.

Have a look at this nostalgic video!  

A video dedicated to the supporters of University College (UC), the founding College of the University of Toronto. Featuring current students experiencing the major milestones of life at UC, from Orientation to Convocation, as well as the small but special moments in between. Music by Math Rosen